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Our Story

CANDIGRÉS was founded in 1997. It is located in the center of Portugal, in the Bairrada Region, Land of Bárrios, known not only for the abundance and excellent quality of raw materials but also for its wines, gastronomy, and sports. It is no coincidence that the most prestigious Portuguese ceramics are concentrated in this region.


By producing a wide range of high-quality Ceramic Stoneware products, CANDIGRÉS stands out for its versatility and ability to develop customized products for customers.



CANDIGRÉS' facilities have undergone significant evolution over the years.


With a total area of 60,000m2, including 15,000m2 of covered area, the company has embarked on an expansion project, in contrast to its initial occupancy of only 2,000m2.


CANDIGRÉS features two tunnel kilns, covered facilities that span from raw materials to finished products, and a showroom where visitors can appreciate the products and their various applications.

In the production process, the company has been investing not only in human resources but also in cutting-edge technology. As a complement to manual labor and to enhance workers' productivity and efficiency, several robots are now used in the manufacturing process, always operating under the supervision of a collaborator.

CANDIGRÉS considers it essential to deliver high-quality products to its customers and continuously improve and expand its range of offerings. As a result, a new laboratory was recently built on the premises, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, where production control is conducted, and new products are developed.




CANDIGRÉS has developed and globally patented an innovative ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite System) that enables a Klinker Face à Vista finish, known as the CANDIWALL System. This system has already been implemented in Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom.