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CANDIWALL System Application Method

One of the great advantages of the CANDIWALL System, in addition to being an innovative construction system for facade rehabilitation and new constructions, is its ability to allow for quick and simple application.

The application process is divided into 8 simple steps, which give the building a well-maintained exterior appearance, with no need for maintenance, as well as significant energy cost savings and a great improvement in comfort.

Furthermore, the fact that the plaques are lighter than traditional facing bricks allows for easier transportation on-site, with larger quantities being carried at once.

Step 1 (opcional)

Step 2

Apply and level the CANDIWALL aluminum starter profile (mechanical fixation). Note: Take into account the height of the window sills before applying the profile.

perfil de arranque

Apply the CANDIWALL adhesive to the back of the machined XPS boards (spot and perimeter bonding, or full bonding).

Adesivo Candiwall

Step 3

Step 4

Properly install the XPS boards, ensuring proper alignment with the half-lap joints.


Install the mechanical fixing anchors (10 fixing points/m2) into the XPS boards using steel pins. First, drill the holes, then use the special CANDIWALL drill bit to recess the XPS in the area of the anchor, and finally secure it in place.

For wooden supports, OSB, plywood, or LSF, the anchors should be screwed in place. 

etapa 4

Step 5

Step 6

Prepare and apply the CANDIWALL adhesive over the entire surface of the XPS board.

Adesivo Candiwall

Apply the CANDIGRÉS Klinker Face à Vista plaques, starting with the corner pieces and regularly checking the alignment of the vertical joints.


Step 7

Step 8

Prepare and apply the CANDIWALL Grout, respecting the recommended amount of water and fully filling the joints.


Clean the excess grout with clean water and a well-squeezed sponge float using a bucket with rollers. Always clean horizontally and in the same direction, changing the water frequently until the surface is completely clean.

Limpar o rejuntamento

Details: Window finishing (Rehabilitation)


For rehabilitation purposes and to avoid reducing the openings, in the areas of jambs, sills, and sills, it is possible to use high-density XPS or EPS boards with a thickness of 2 or 3 cm. These can later be covered with special corner or sill pieces, or alternatively, they can be covered with coated aluminum panels.