Candiwall Cork

The Candiwall Cork  promotes two natural products: natural brick slip and cork.

The Candigrés products are made with white and red fine-grained clay, plastics, sedimentary and refractory, natural origin, not making use of pigmentation or artificial additives.

The agglomerated expanded cork is a natural product produced from the expansion of cork granules by direct action of water vapor on heating without additives. Thermal and acoustic insulation for excellence, durability remain unchanged with the years.

Cork is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product, enhancing the retention of CO2 produced in Portugal, renewable and 100% recyclable. In the production of expanded cork agglomerate uses biomass (cork powder) as fuel, in 93% of their needs. Please note that Portugal is the world's largest producer and processor of cork, and cork therefore considered a local product.

Candiwall Cork is characterized by the extent of horizontal guides ceramic lining, which facilitate seating of the facade, by varying the thickness of the cork boards depending on climate zone or the intended use.

 Types of Candiwall Cork:


Coating system thermal and acoustic insulation of interiors with natural joins;



Coating system thermal and acoustic insulation of interiors with joins filled;


Candiwall Cork... because it's natural...


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