Barakaldo - Spain

The Candiwall System  begins to be used in the Spanish market.This time, a 5-storey building with about 50 years, being the subject of a rehabilitation.Thermal insulation board with 6cm and coating Classic Roma and Classic Beach, were the choice of people.Total area: 1500m2

House Renovation - Águeda

 Candiwall System of 50mm and Classic Beach coating         


 Candiwall System of 50mm wiht Classic Roma coating    

Wood House Recovery

 A small wooden office was the target of a recovery with thermal insulation,  the Candiwall System  of 50mm thick and finished in ceramic Classic Templar.  

Housing rehabilitation

Insulation of 60mm and 80mm were applied in this house.Coating: Classic Templar of 50mmGrout color: White