New House - Portugal

Candiwall System applied to new house. Materials used:Candiwall Board of 80mm Brick slip Classic Beach and Classic Cinza of 65mmCandiwall Grout Antracite and Perola.

Industrial Pavilion

Located at the entry of the new industrial park at Casarão - Águeda (Portugal), born a pavilion with Candiwall System.Follow all stages of the application process.Candiwall System with 40mm thickness and Classic Cinza as coating.

House Rehabilitation Anadia - Cerca

 House renovation with Candiwall System of 60mm and brick slip Classic Templar of 50mm.For more pictures, see us at facebook:

Cacicedo - Spain

 The small Cacicedo village in Spain has one job with Candiwall System.Used materials:

2ª House with Candiwall in Algeria

Another house was rehabilitated in Algeria.Candiwall system with 5cm and brick slips Classic Roma and Beach.