Building rehabilitation - Fafe, Portugal

A building in the city of Fafe was rehabilitated with Candigrés materials. Used Materials:Candiwall board of 30mm + adhesive and sleevesKlinker Classic Classic Templar + Candiwall Grout Another excellent job. 

House in Fermil - Portugal

New house in the village of Fermil - PortugalUsed Materials:Candiwall Board of 60mm insulation + Adhesive and sleevesKlinker Classic Castanho of 65mm + Candiwall Grout Wengue Another excellent job. 

UK precast House

UK has new houses!!!Our custamer used Candiwall System on their new house modeles.These homes are prefabricated and finished on the spot.This reduces costs and increases energy efficiency. Used Materials:80mm Candiwall Board InsulationBrick Slip Classic Templar 65mm

Madrid 2017

Candiwall application over brick Rehabilitation work of a brick building in which the Candiwall thermal insulation system is applied on the existing facade. Used Materials:50mm Candiwall BoardBrick Slip Classic Branco and Roma

House - Mogofores

 Materials used:Candiwall Board of 50mm Brick slip Classic Roma of 50mmCandiwall Grout white.